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Clothes Dryer Outlet

Great job, and very professional. I could see that he was very knowledgeable and was able to fix a problem I was having with a light switch. He took the time to explain what needed to be done. He quickly identified the problem with the outlet and had it replaced along with the aluminum wiring. He was careful not to damage existing wall board and left the area cleaner than he found it. I was very impressed. I would not hesitate to recommend them for jobs large or small.

Timothy A.
Hodgins in Mississauga
Joined 2010/07/30

Electrical Contractor

Jafar Usmani is by far the best electrician my company has worked with. We have worked with a number of electrical contractors over the years and we have finally found "our guy" Fair prices, fast turn around, no BS, and great workmanship. Very Impressed!

Chad Oldham
Hodgins in Mississauga
Joined 2010/07/30

Electrical Work Re: Renovation To Basement.

Jafar arrived promptly for the estimate appointments as well as the promised work day. He was always pleasant, courteous and professional. He made some great suggestions and he completed our job quickly. We were very pleased with the outcome. We will absolutely use this company again and recommend Jafar to our friends & family.

B. Burkes
Joined 2010/07/30

Aluminum Pig Tail Rewiring

My Inlaws are downsizing after 43 years in the same house and the home contained aluminum wiring. For sales purposes we has ESA inspect the wiring and they flagged the wiring as a deficinecy. Due to the tight schedule and between the move and putting the house up for sale, we need an elecytrician aviable immediatley. We found Peel Electrical Contractors on the ESA website. From scheduling the appointment to meet with Jafar, to completing the work 24 hrs later, to having ESA reinspect and pass the work the following on very such notice was fantastic. My In Laws were very pleased with the work. This was one less worry for them. I commend Jafar for his promptness, and professinalism. I would highly recommend his services to any one.

Spiro Dimou
from Milton
Joined 2010/07/30


I have been using Peel Electrical since 2009 for all my electrical work in my house. They wired my entire basement and have also installed new ceiling fans and new light fixtures. They are very knowledgeable and all work is done to code. They are always professional, on time and provide excellent service. I highly recommend Peel Electrical.

Ms. R in Ontario


After having power outages in my home we decided to call Peel Electrical Contractors. We spoke with Jafar and he was over to the house within the hour. Unfortunately for us we needed a new electrical panel but having Jafar install the new panel was the best. Jafar is very reliable, courteous and did a wonderful job. I would certainly recommend him to any family or friend that needs an electrician.

Joanne Huszczynski from Mississauga

Electrical Upgrade

Jafar upgraded us to a new electrical panel, outlets and wiring in our garage, and had us ESA ready. He does great work. Our home was inspected by ESA and approved. Jafar is very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend him for all your electrical requirements.

J Aboui from Mississauga

Residential Garage Wiring

I had wiring problems in my garage. I called Peel Electrical Contractors and Jafar came and resolved the problems same day. He installed to 3 way switches, and 3 plugs and quickly solved all wiring problems in the garage. All work was very efficently and professionally completed. I would have no problem recommending.

Mark Young in Mississauga

Dead Light Fixture

One of our light fixtures had stopped working. I called Jafar and he arrived in 20 minutes, as promised. He quickly analyzed the situation and replaced the light fixture. He also advised me about another electrical problem which I was not aware of. And he also fixed a light switch which a previous contractor had done a poor job with. I really appreciate him taking the extra time to explain things clearly and I was particularly pleased that he was so easy to work with. I will be sure to call him again.

l d in Mississauga

Electrical Troubleshooting

After contacting multiple electricians and receiving no call backs. I decided to go with one my father had suggested. He charged me $80.00 to look at electrical issues and left stating that he'd need to troubleshoot on another day and to call him back the following week. I was not impressed and was upset as I had explained to him that it was rental unit and I needed the issues resolved as soon as possible. I chalked that up to a loss and decided to give Peel Electrical Contactors Ltd a try. Jafar came to property and stayed until 2/3 issues were resolved. He then returned to following day to complete the job. He was extremely professional and explained the problem and how he was going to resolve the issues. I will definately use him again as I will be needing to rewire my electrical panel as its very outdated. Excellent work.

Trecia from Mississauga


We were faced with an electrical issue on a couple of wall outlets,which would blow each time an additional device was plugged in.This would not trip the circuit breaker.Jafar of Peel Electrical was contacted and was at our home within the hour.He diagnosed the problem and made the necessary fix in a short period.He took the time to explain the issue and the subsequent repair.We will certainly rely on Jafar for any further electrical needs.

Irwin from Mississauga

Home Reno: Swtches And Outlets

Doing some renos on the house including replacing all light switches and outlets. Thought it could be a DIY task as I have done this on previous houses I owned but I was very wrong as the wiring was far more complicated at this location. After creating a big mess I call Jafar on a Saturday and he was at the house within the hour. He was very polite and professional and had everything fixed quickly. His rates were very reasonable considering I called on a weekend and he came out right away. I would definitely recommend his services and plan on using him again the next time I need an electrician.

Brad from Mississauga

Basement Finishing

It was a right choice for us to hire Peel Electrical guys, when it came to do electrical part of my basement renovation project. It had to be done fairly quickly, without compromising the quality. Jafar handled the job in a very professional manner, completing everything on time. I think his price range was very reasonable. After all I would not hesitate to recommend him or hire for another project in a future.

Alex from Vaughan

Basement Dryer Outlet And More

Jafar and team were great, they worked quickly and cleanly. They also did ceiling fans in the kids rooms and in the bathroom on top floor. It was a pleasure having them work in our house and would invite them back any time!

Jason Chinsen in Mississauga

Electrical inspection, aluminum wiring retrofit, pot light installation, bathroom fan

I hired Peel Electrical to do an electrical inspection on the house we purchased with aluminum wiring. After the purchase, they replaced the fuse box with a 100 amp panel and did a full pig-tail aluminum wiring retrofit which my home insurance required. At they same time they installed 12 pot lights in our living room, a bathroom fan, and a chandelier in our dining room. Jafar's rates were reasonable and the work was done quickly and without hassle. Highly recommended.

Benjamin Albert from Mississauga